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Win a Hoodie

Enter the series or individual races, and every 50 entries could win you a Wild Rover Series hoodie. All entrants are eligible, and winners will be announced on our Wild Rover Facebook page.


Club or Team Challenge

Calling all running clubs and teams! Win a $200 bar allowance at each race by having the most entries. Both series and individual entries count. Just declare your team or club name during registration to compete!


Who is the Wild Rover of the Merrimack Valley?

Annually, we award the top male and female in the series with $250 and an authentic Irish Kilt. To ensure fair competition, finishing times are gender and age-graded. Runner's World compares it to a golf handicap, leveling the playing field for all participants. If you're unsure about age grading, it's a scoring method that allows runners of different ages to compete on an equal basis.

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